“I began training with Niko in December 2015 with weight loss as my number one goal.    After my third baby my weight escalated to 209 lbs. – the heaviest I had ever been.    I tried losing weight on my own and with other trainers but had little success.  I was still committed to losing weight the right way (no fad diets, pills, or trendy regime) and decided to train with Niko. 

Niko is an exceptional trainer.  He consistently pushes and challenges his clients.  The workouts were always different and kept me motivated.  After a year of training and improving my overall diet I was down 52 lbs.  The success I have had is more than I ever imagined.  I am so much stronger, I feel better, more energetic, and healthier than I did in my 20’s or 30’s.  He even motivated me to run a half marathon as his running partner.  

It’s been almost 4 years now and I have maintained my weight loss and I continue to train with Niko at Peak Fitness – a great facility with top notch equipment.  I’m grateful for his coaching and support, which is now ingrained in my day-to-day lifestyle.  Thanks for everything Niko!” – Jennifer

“I was very nervous to start working out at my age as I had not been active for 3 or 4 years prior to starting with Andrew. I was experiencing joint and muscle pain and was worried that beginning to work out would aggravate it more.

I started training to get stronger and feel better so that I could take care of my grandkids. I also wanted to have more energy and lose a few inches to make my clothes fit better.

Andrew has done a great job personalizing each workout for my needs and adapting to how I feel each day. So far, I feel considerably stronger, and I have more energy. I feel more confident and experience much less pain, along with some of the weight loss I was hoping for!

I really enjoy the variety of workouts I get training with Andrew each week!” -Geri

“I have been trying to lose weight for YEARS now with little results until I started training with Niko. The trainers at Peak Fitness are amazing for the genuine care they have for their clients. They don’t only make sure you see results, they also make sure that you feel like part of the family and welcomed from the moment you walk through the front door until the moment you leave.

All the trainers at Peak Fitness are also highly knowledgeable about all things fitness and they make sure to encourage their clients to push themselves without overexerting themselves. I always feel safe and assured that I am in good hands and I don’t have to worry about injuring myself while doing a workout or worry about using the wrong form. If you want to see results while under the watch of knowledgeable trainers with years of experience then join the Peak Fitness family!”
– Violet

“Before I started training, I didn’t think I had the energy or ability to do what it would take to reach my goals. Andrew’s kind but firm attitude towards me helped me push myself and want to do more. When I started, I wanted to get stronger and feel better throughout my day so I could do the things I used to do when I was younger.

Since training with Andrew, I feel more fit and energetic, I sleep a lot better and experience less pain, and I can do things around the house, such as lift a full laundry basket, with less effort and more confidence.

Andrew’s done an amazing job with me and I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to train with him!”

“Sam is an excellent, enthusiastic, and friendly yoga instructor and personal trainer. Her yoga classes have improved my balance, flexibility, and strength. I consistently have more energy with each class. She provides a comfortable, relaxing environment where I can improve and increase mind-body awareness.” -Valentina

“Since I’ve been training with Andrew, I’ve been able to deadlift more than my own body weight! I’m getting better at pullups and I’ve been noticing awesome results in my body. I’m feeling so much more confident!

Andrew is an amazing person and an awesome coach. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him!” -Walker

“As an avid yogi i never once thought about weight training until i saw the progress of one of my friends that had training with Niko. I was apprehensive at first to start weight training since I had never done this before but I wanted to get stronger for my my physical job and felt the need to keep my body fit and healthy.

Niko made me comfortable from the start. He is very motivating and pushed me harder than i have ever been pushed. After training with him for three years I have improved my overall strength and definition significantly.

Peak Fitness is an amazing facility that is welcoming and non-intimidating. I highly recommend it!”Elizabeth