Why Semi-Private?

Semi-private training is a comprehensive program that is rapidly gaining popularity with fitness professionals. This is due to being able to produce great results for clients, while still remaining cost effective. This style of training starts by assessing your fitness level on day-1 and gradually progressing with you, at your pace, in the direction of your goals, while accounting for every milestone you achieve along the way.

Semi-private training retains the benefits of the customized programming you get with 1-on-1 training. You’re just sharing the time of a personal trainer with up to 2 other people. Clients receive all the attention they need and room to thrive. It’s a team-oriented approach and it’s highly effective. You may be working out side by side with a person who is rehabbing an injury, training for powerlifting, improving body composition, a new mom working her way back to pre-baby fitness, or maybe a recent retiree that trains to improve their quality of life.

Everybody is here for their own reasons, working on their own program, experiencing and enjoying the camaraderie of working hard together; while being exposed to different training styles in a non-intimidating, motivational environment.